9 Topics You Should Know Regarding Plumbing

Similar to backing-up plumbing, clogged drain may be another larger cause than just debris in the drain. This goes along the lines of tree roots getting into sewer lines, causing clogs and then eventually full blockages. If you suspect that there is a problem with your sewer system, give a trusted plumbing company a call. They will come out and initially use an auger to try to break up what ever is causing the blockage. However, in some causes the problem won’t be fixed by this method. So, they can use a camera inspection that shows exactly what and where the problem is. This Gordontheplumber.com Addison Illinois heating air conditioning Dupage County helps reduce the damage to your yard by preventing unnecessary excavation. Not every plumbing company has the equipment to get the job done right. We at Express Plumbing Service do have all of the tools and the equipment to handle any plumbing problem you have. We are a trusted premier plumbing company that services the Treasure Valley here in Idaho. Do you have a plumbing problem?


There are new trends and new technologies available every day. While its important to continue your efforts in areas that deliver results, it is also important to consider new opportunities. Here’s why your SEO strategy should always be a work in progress. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of improvements in technology . For example, voice search alone, has grown exponentially as the technology improved and became more accurate. What does this technology mean for your SEO strategy? It means that not only do you have to consider traditional search terms and phrases, but also the terms people use when they speak a command into Siri or Google. Since most of these searches happen on mobile devices, including location-based keywords is important. It is also noted that most voice search contain more words in the query.


The angle of the slope is important and there is a limit to the length that the trap arm can be before it reaches a vent. The length of the trap arm can be no less than two pipe diameters before venting or it will create a crown vent (which will cause the water to be siphoned from the trap and thus allow sewer gases to enter the premises) but the developed length can not drop more than one pipe diameter prior to meeting the vent. The reason for this is that the water will block off the flow in the pipe and prevent air from passing through. Thus, a 1-1/2″ trap arm (which must have a 1/4″ per ft slope) may be no less than 3″ in length, but no more than 5′. The blocked airway is what brings me to the purpose of a P-trap. No, its not to catch pee, its just that it is shaped roughly like a horizontal P. When you run the shower or sink, the water goes down the drain and in to the trap and then pushes around the bend and up to the trap weir and then to through the trap arm (the horizontal run of pipe exiting the P-trap up until it reaches the vent). This is sometimes called the fixture arm. The fixture arm serves as both a waste line and a vent line. A certain amount of water remains inside the trap, which prevents sewer gases from coming back up and entering the house.


Continue reading "How to Extend the Life of a Water Heater | Fixing Hard Water Problem" How to Fix a Smelly Water Heater | Easy Troubleshooting Guide How to fix a smelly water heater in a simple way! What is the cause, can it be fixed or even prevented? Do I have to call a plumber or can I fix it? Is it coming from the water heater only or plumbing? Continue reading "How to Fix a Smelly Water Heater | Easy Troubleshooting Guide" Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heaters - RTEX Review | Buying Guide Reviews Rheem tankless electric water heaters from RTEX series, for point of use and whole house water heating. Continue reading "Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heaters - RTEX Review | Buying Guide " State Water Heater so called Warranty is a joke Purchased a State Select Water Heater. I contacted the Select State company because it wouldn't work. They wouldn't even help me to troubleshoot it. The How to Keep Hot Water Temperature at the Safe Level How to keep hot water temperature at the safe level, prevent scalding burns and bacteria development. Continue reading "How to Keep Hot Water Temperature at the Safe Level" I bought my Richmond water heater in July of 1989, at a cost of $179 at quality farm and fleet.


The strange but true story happened just over a month ago, as a Norwegian flight from Oslo to Munich carrying a platoon of plumbers to a business function was forced to reroute due to toilet trouble. The inherent funniness of the situation was not lost on Frank Olsen, managing director of Rørkjøp, the plumbing company hosting the event. “We did not take the risk to send a plumber outside at 10,000 meters high [approximately 6 miles or 30,000 feet],” said Olsen. “There was a good atmosphere in the plane with the irony about the broken toilets.” Olsen is correct: the plumbing problem could not have been corrected from inside the plane. And with no plumber expected to pull off a Mission: Impossible-style mid-air repair, it was time to ground the flight. Despite the potty-humor appeal of this story, we know you’re probably not working on airplane plumbing (but if you’ve ever wondered how they achieve that super-suction, or just where the waste goes, check this out ). So without further ado, here are the top three challenges facing us land-based DIY plumbers. It’s the flush of fear: you pull the handle and the water rises… and keeps rising. If you’re lucky, it stops before it spills over the bowl. If you’re not, it’s time to break out the mop.


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